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Course + Implementation

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What's included in Course + Implementation

This course teaches you how to leverage the power of short-form video to attract customers at scale to your financial advisory business.

By the end of the course, you will have...

  • A deep understanding of how to turn short-form video into a (nearly) passive warm lead generating machine
  • The blueprint on how you can make short-form video content that is both authentic and engaging
  • 5 Active social media profiles (while avoiding the mistakes most advisors make on their profiles)
  • The gear you need to record with confidence
  • An expert understanding of what works (and what doesn't) on each platform
  • The same Notion template both Nick & Nate use for ideation and scripting
  • You'll know how to build a dedicated links page that turns viewers into booked calls 
  • A bulletproof Social Media Disclosure (that you should still consult with a compliance professional about)
  • An updated Policies & Procedures Manual

Plus: we'll personally help you get started

Skip the learning curve with three dedicated coaching calls with Nate & Nick. We'll help you develop your content strategy, set up your profiles, build your funnels, critique your videos, answer your questions, and, most importantly, create your first 5 video scripts.

Money-Back Guarantee

We're so confident in the value provided by this course that we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked, if you don't think the course was worth it.

Must request within 30 days of purchase or before the first coaching call, whichever comes sooner.

Hear from Advisors who've completed the Course + Implementation process:

I went from 0 to 1,000 followers in just shy of a month, and there's no way I could have done this without N2. I’ve already started to see success as a result from followers and views converting to actual clients. I've already had 4 prospect calls just from my short-form video on TikTok and 1 signed client (in just 1.5 months). I absolutely would recommend any advisor that's looking to get into short-form video content or really social media content at all as a marketing technique to work with N2 Content Marketing.

Nick Marino CFP®, ChFC®, EA

Nick and Nate… you guys have been fantastic to work with. Sincerely. You have such an abundance mindset of sharing what you know and what you’ve learned along the way…. I know Jim and I are early in this process – but seeing the success you two have had makes me confident we will get there as well. It’s been a lot of fun and we’ve learned so much. And there is still so much more to keep learning. But I am so glad this was the investment we chose to pursue for our marketing strategy!

Sarah K. Charles

I really enjoyed working with you two! I've learned a ton in a short period of time. So well worth it from my seat. And now I have a roadmap on how to get better and practice this craft.

Jim Charles