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Your future clients are watching short-form video.

We help independent financial advisors build trust at-scale by meeting their ideal clients where they are: short-form video platforms.

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Why short-form video?

244 million viewers in the US watch an average of 17 hours of short-form video per week.


Of consumers prefer to watch short-form video to learn about a product or service.


Of people say watching a short-form video has convinced them to buy a product or service.


Of marketers say short-form video marketing has helped them drive more sales.

"Nick and Nate… you guys have been fantastic to work with. Sincerely. You have such an abundance mindset of sharing what you know and what you’ve learned along the way.

It’s been a lot of fun and we’ve learned so much. I am so glad this was the investment we chose to pursue for our marketing strategy!"

Sarah K. Charles - Founder & Managing Principal at Sanctuary Financial Planning

We're in a Trust Recession.

Consumer skepticism is at an all-time high.

Your cold outreach is reported as spam (no matter how much you paid for the lead).

Your advertisements are skipped past completely.

And whenever you introduce yourself to someone as a financial advisor, they'll immediately assume you're trying to sell them "great for me but not for thee" financial products.

In order to meet with a prospective client today, they need to know, like, and trust you before you ever have a conversation with them.

One non-scalable way to do this is through referrals from existing clients, which will never go away.

Another, much more scalable way to do this is by creating short-form video content.


Stop Marketing, Start Educating.

Delivering free value is the new sales pitch.

Short-form video gives you the power to be in the palm of thousands of your ideal clients' hands, delivering an immense amount of free value to them, multiple times per week.

By educating your viewers on the same financial topics that you help your clients tackle, without asking for anything in return, you'll build trust in a scalable way.

So by the time your viewers schedule a discovery call with you, it's hard not to close them because they feel like they already know you.

At N2, we help financial advisors like you leverage short-form video to build an audience of magnetically-attracted fans who actively seek out your services.

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"I cannot believe how valuable the course and consultations have been. After every meeting, I get so amped to implement the changes and see even more growth.

I am 100% confident this is going to be a primary client acquisition method for me, just by implementing what N2 teaches me."

Nick Marino CFP®, ChFC®, EA - Founder of Breakaway Wealth

We're the most successful CFP® Professionals on social media

, 8
, 8

Views and counting

How one video turned into $6M AUM


Nick Meyer, CFP®

Co-Founder of N2

Nick's mastery of short-form video has led him to become the most-followed CFP® Professional on social media. He's ready to use this expertise to help you create finance-related content that your target audience actually wants to watch.






Brand Partnerships
Some big names Nick has worked with:

Nate Hoskin, CFP®

Co-Founder of N2

As one of the first financial advisors to embrace short-form video, Nate built Hoskin Capital without spending a single dollar on paid advertising. He knows exactly how to leverage social media to build trust at scale and keep it compliant along the way. He's ready to help you turn your viewers into clients.




Inbound prospects per week


Clients from Social Media
Nate has been recognized by:

3 Ways We Can Help You:

Course + Coaching

Skip the learning curve with detailed instruction and personalized coaching

Our 2+ hour-long course will teach you exactly how to efficiently create high quality short-form video content that attracts new clients for your firm, and the accompanying coaching sessions with Nate & Nick will provide pinpointed action items that help you level-up your content. This is information and coaching you truly cannot find anywhere else.

Best for: Independent Financial Advisors, Small-to-Medium Sized Advisory Firms, Advisors who are considering going independent

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Embedded Consulting

Personalized training & implementation, then we hand the reins over to you

3-6 Month engagements where N2 teaches your team our exact content creation systems and processes, helps you implement them in a way that makes sense for your firm, and provides ongoing feedback and support on all content made during this time. Your firm will end this engagement fully capable of creating high quality content that drives business results without outside support.

Best for: Medium-to-Large Advisory Firms, Enterprises, FinTech Companies

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Premier Video Production

We'll do everything for you but appear on-camera

N2 acts as your content production team, ensuring you post 2-4 high quality pieces of content per week (depending on the engagement) while taking as much work off your team's plate as possible. We handle ideation, scripting, sending to compliance for approval, editing, posting, and analytics reporting - all you/your advisors have to do is record a batch of content once per month.

Best for: Medium-to-Large Advisory Firms, Enterprises, & FinTech Companies who want to make it as easy as possible for them to post a high quantity of high quality video content.

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This is how you will build trust at scale with your ideal clients.

Reach a new audience

Cold calling, cold emailing, and paid marketing won't get your firm in front of its perfect client. It's time to meet them where they are.

Get an unfair advantage

Working with N2 will put you light years ahead of your competitors who are starting short-form video from scratch.

Skip the learning curve

Save months of trial and error by learning from two of the most successful financial content creators in the world.

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Short-form videos, which have recently been popularized by platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, are brief videos (usually 15 - 60 seconds long) recorded vertically (i.e. using your phone) that capture attention and share value in a concise way.

They're popular because they're quick to watch, easy to share, and require a much lower time commitment from the creator than any other form of video.

In most cases... no.

Your compliance system is probably already built to handle posting on social media. If it's not, it's simple and affordable to implement. 

Nate has passed both the FINRA and DORA examinations with flying colors, all while posting short-form videos.

In the final chapter of our course, Nate walks through the essential compliance dos and don'ts when posting social media content.

For our higher-tier offers, we will work directly with your Chief Compliance Officer to implement a compliance process for approving, posting, and archiving your videos.

We expect that it will take less than 3 months to double your current organic traffic (though many of our clients have experienced that in their very first month posting video content).

Building a truly viral brand that attracts paying clients, however, is a constantly evolving process that can take a year or more and must be consistently maintained.

However, we typically see that advisors experience a surge of interest from their existing network as soon as they start posting video content.

The beautiful thing about short-form video is that, if a video performs well, it could reach tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even potentially millions of people organically, regardless of your account's following.

It doesn't matter.

Neither Nate or Nick had any on-camera experience when they first started.

If you've ever had a conversation over FaceTime, you can make effective short-form videos. 

Plus, we'll provide you with training and detailed feedback to build you a magnetic camera presence.

What other form of marketing allows you to reach potentially millions of people without a single dollar of ad spend?

But it doesn't just provide reach, it also builds trust with potential clients.

Nate has a 90% close rate on new client meetings. Why? Because, through watching his short-form videos, prospects feel like they already know Nate before even speaking with him.

If time is still a concern: clients in our Premier Video Product service save an average of 20 hours per month by offloading their scripting, editing, and posting to the N2 team.

Over 150 million Americans use TikTok.

82% of US adults use YouTube.

Over 127 million US users are on Instagram every month.

Yes, your ideal client can be found on these social media platforms.

And yes, they can have a significant net worth. In July 2023, Nate closed on 4 new clients (all from the same video) that had a combined net worth of $6 million+.

Long story short: we aren't worried.

With TikTok's tens of billions of dollars in revenue and army of lawyers, we don't foresee TikTok disappearing anytime soon despite the divestiture legislation.

TikTok's lawyers will gum this up in the courts for as long as possible, and even if the courts ultimately rule against them, then that 9-12 month clock to sell will kick in.

Even if TikTok refuses to sell and is shut down in the US - its ~150 million US users will simply migrate to the other short-form video-friendly platforms to get their content.

These platforms include Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and even LinkedIn - all of which we cover in the course.

The good news? We encourage that you create content that can be posted across ALL of these platforms, so you can simultaneously grow your presence on each one with minimal additional work.

Results will be quantified on three different levels:

1. Reach

The primary metric to measure reach is views per month, per platform. We will
report the view count, change above the baseline (your current organic reach), and measure month-over-month and year-over-year growth rates.

2. Engagement

Engagement is measured by comments, likes, shares, and saves. This is the
interaction with the lowest barrier to entry for viewers, but represents a tangible
investment by viewers in your content. If they find it valuable enough to engage, it means they resonate with the content and want to see more. If they find it valuable enough to share, we know we are leveraging the most important tool in marketing: word of mouth.

3. Conversions

Conversions are the most important method of engagement for viewers. Converted clients are classified as leads, meaning we have some method by which to contact them. This could be an email or phone number, which can be gathered via lead magnets or included within an appointment sign-up.

Yes, just in the 2nd half of 2023, we saw hundreds of CFP® Professionals and Fiduciary advisors start posting short-form videos on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and even LinkedIn.

They're beginning to lose the limiting beliefs around compliance, and are leveraging short-form video to grow their practices.

However, we're still in the early stages of adoption, and we've found that these advisors, like you, are just learning the ropes but aren't yet seriously investing in the platform.

Because of this, it's easy to stand out - especially if you have the head start that N2 will provide you.

Yes, professions from accountants to lawyers to real estate agents have been leveraging short-form video to grow their businesses for YEARS.

While there are some financial advisors (like Nate) who've really taken advantage of this opportunity, most are still sitting on the sidelines.

Would you rather start now, when there's barely any competition, or in a year or two when the industry as a whole inevitably recognizes the value they're leaving on the table by NOT creating short-form videos?

Registered Investment Advisors (RIA)

With one viral video, Nate raised over $6 million in assets under management. The secret to his success is providing consistent, valuable content that builds trust at scale. When we say scale, we mean over a million views a month!

As the owner of his own RIA, Nate is an expert in keeping his content compliant and adhering to the SEC's advertising and marketing rules.

At N2, we leverage 6 years of combined video marketing experience to turn your RIA into a viral sensation.

Banks & Credit Unions

Nick has worked directly with FirstBank, Kinecta, and Ally Financial (to name just a few) to put their brand in front of hundreds of thousands of new people.

While consulting for these firms, Nick learned three things:

1. The next generation of banking clients spends 1/5th of their average day on social media.

2. People don't like to switch banks, so getting in front of them before they've chosen their long-term banking partner is essential.

3. Your competitors are stuck doing print and TV ads, leaving a blue ocean opportunity for banks and credit unions making short-form videos.

Brokerage & Custodial Firms

Individual investors opened 10 million brokerage accounts in 2020 and are becoming a driving force behind new brokerage business.

These investors decide which platform to use based on information from people they trust.

New investors trust content creators. That's why Nick has worked with established firms like Fidelity and new-age platforms like Public and WeBull to introduce them to their most important customers.

Rather than borrowing trust from content creators, N2 empowers you to build trust at scale directly with your future customers for a fraction of the cost.

Fintech Platforms

Cutting-edge platforms need cutting-edge marketing. That's why platforms like Public, Fundrise, StartEngine, and Rocket Money have trusted Nick to introduce their services to hundreds of thousands of potential users.

Most fintech companies die because they fail to acquire new customers at a reasonable cost. Short-form video offers an uncontested cost per acquisition but, because companies don't have the resources to produce content themselves, they lean on creators instead.

N2 brings your content creation in-house so you can acquire new customers on your terms.

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