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Learn how to leverage short-form video to grow your financial advisory business from the most successful CFP® professionals on social media.

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Skip the Learning Curve, Get Results

Nick Marino CFP®, ChFC®, EA had zero experience making short-form video content before he enrolled in our Course + Implementation package on March 25th.

One month later, and his videos had already been organically seen by over 100,000 people.

By May 14th, he closed his first client from social media.

Now, his short-form video content delivers him up to 4 warm discovery calls per week. He said he's "100% confident this is going to be a primary client acquisition method for me".

We know how valuable your time is as a financial advisor, so we give you the exact blueprint you need to follow to turn social media into a lead-generating machine in a period of months instead of years.

Reach a new audience

Cold calling, cold emailing, and paid marketing won't get your firm in front of its perfect client. It's time to meet them where they are.

Get an unfair advantage

Working with N2 will put you light years ahead of your competitors who are starting short-form video from scratch.

Skip the learning curve

Save months of trial and error by learning from two of the most successful financial content creators in the world.

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Complete guide to short-form video


"Nick and Nate… you guys have been fantastic to work with. Sincerely. You have such an abundance mindset of sharing what you know and what you’ve learned along the way.

It’s been a lot of fun and we’ve learned so much. I am so glad this was the investment we chose to pursue for our marketing strategy!"

Sarah K. Charles - Founder & Managing Principal at Sanctuary Financial Planning

We'll teach you how to start from zero.

Skip the frighteningly steep learning curve with guidance and direct coaching from two of the most successful CFP® professionals on social media.

Topics covered:

  • Social media platform overviews
  • How to craft compelling social media profiles
  • N2's recommended recording gear (and how to use it)
  • How to effectively organize, ideate, and script videos that will attract your ideal client
  • How to record videos so naturally it feels like you're having a FaceTime conversation
  • How to handle (or effectively outsource) editing, scheduling, and posting your videos
  • Which video analytics you should actually pay attention to
  • How Nate maintains compliance while posting multiple videos per week for his RIA 

Learn from our 6+ years of combined success.

Nick Meyer, CFP®

Co-Founder of N2

With over 1.6 million followers across his TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook pages, Nick Meyer, CFP® - or NickTalksMoney, as his fans know him - has the largest social media following of any CFP® Professional. He built this following, and continues to accrue 10,000,000+ views per month, because he has learned how to make finance-related short-form videos that people actually want to watch.

This success has led Nick to create content and consult for companies like Fidelity, Ally, TurboTax, and even the Golden State Warriors, and make national TV appearances on NBC Evening News and Bloomberg Quicktake.






Brand Partnerships
Some big names Nick has worked with:

Nate Hoskin, CFP®

Co-Founder of N2

Nate Hoskin, CFP® is the Founder & Lead Advisor at Hoskin Capital. He built his entire client base through his 230,000+ following on TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn. He is also an Investopedia Top 10 Most Influential Advisor, a ThinkAdvisor Luminary, and the Wealthie's Rising Star of the Year.

To this day, Nate has never spent a dollar on paid marketing. Instead, he gained national recognition and 100+ clients simply by making short-form video content.




Inbound prospects per week


Clients from Social Media
Nate has been recognized by:

How one video turned into $6M AUM


Advisors spend 8 hours per week actively prospecting.

Build a lead engine that runs on 6 hours per month.

You will also receive...

N2's full-length social media compliance guide

Gear and filming setup recommendations

Lead magnets and content organization templates

Template language for disclosures, policies, and procedures so you stay compliant

2+ Dedicated coaching sessions with Nick & Nate to skip the years-long learning curve

70% of companies that don’t use video are starting in 2024. Don’t fall behind.

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Money-Back Guarantee

We're so confident in the value provided by this course that we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked, if you don't think the course was worth it.

Must request within 30 days of purchase or before the first coaching call, whichever comes sooner.

From education & coaching to a full orchestration of your launch, we have a package fit for you:

Course + Coaching


Direct Coaching with Nick & Nate

The course plus...

  • 2 Coaching calls with Nick & Nate
  • Determine your unique value proposition
  • Set up your compliance workflow
  • Build your links page & lead magnets
  • Design your content strategy
  • Review your social media profiles
  • Revise your first scripts
  • Analyze your first videos
  • Start your content journey with confidence

Includes 30-day money-back guarantee

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Course + Implementation


The Supervised Rollout of your Content Strategy (most popular)

The course, coaching, and...

  • Receive a 52-week content calendar
  • Nick & Nate write your first 5 video scripts
  • Skip the learning curve with a written analysis of your first 5 weeks
  • Join Nick & Nate for one additional coaching call (3 total)
  • Unlimited questions via email for 3 months



Includes 30-day money-back guarantee

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Course + Launch


We spend 3 months with you directly orchestrating your launch

Paid in 3 equal monthly installments

  • 6 Coaching calls with Nick & Nate
  • We create and optimize your social media profiles
  • We write your first 10 video scripts
  • We edit, caption, and post all your videos during the 3 month launch
  • Live on-camera training during your first recording session
  • All scripts you write during the launch period will be reviewed and optimized for performance
  • Unlimited questions via email for 1 year
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Stop paying for ads.

Build trust at scale with an audience that chose you to be their source of information and insight.

Stay compliant.

Our complete compliance guide, template disclosures, and turnkey workflows keep you out of the gray.

Unlock the snowball effect.

Leverage the credibility that comes with having an audience to win awards, book speaking engagements, & get interviewed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Short-form videos, which have recently been popularized by platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, are brief videos (usually 15 - 60 seconds long) recorded vertically (i.e. using your phone) that capture attention and share value in a concise way.

They're popular because they're quick to watch, easy to share, and require a much lower time commitment from the creator than any other form of video.

It doesn't matter.

If you've ever had a conversation over FaceTime, you can make effective short-form videos.


Because they're basically the same action, except you respond to a prompt (your video topic) instead of a voice from the other end of the line.

What other form of marketing allows you to reach potentially millions of people without a single dollar of ad spend?

But it doesn't just provide reach, it also builds trust with potential clients.

Nate has a 90% close rate on new client meetings. Why? Because, through watching his short-form videos, prospects feel like they already know Nate before even speaking with him.

Over 150 million Americans use TikTok.

82% of US adults use YouTube.

Over 127 million US users are on Instagram every month.

Yes, your ideal client can be found on these social media platforms.

And yes, they can have a significant net worth. In July 2023, Nate closed on 4 new clients (all from the same video) that had a combined net worth of $6 million+.

Long story short: we aren't worried.

With TikTok's tens of billions of dollars in revenue and army of lawyers, we don't foresee TikTok disappearing anytime soon despite the divestiture legislation.

TikTok's lawyers will gum this up in the courts for as long as possible, and even if the courts ultimately rule against them, then that 9-12 month clock to sell will kick in.

Even if TikTok refuses to sell and is shut down in the US - its ~150 million US users will simply migrate to the other short-form video-friendly platforms to get their content.

These platforms include Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and even LinkedIn - all of which we cover in the course.

The good news? We encourage that you create content that can be posted across ALL of these platforms, so you can simultaneously grow your presence on each one with minimal additional work.

In most cases... no.

Your compliance system is probably already built to handle posting on social media. If it's not, it's simple and affordable to implement.

In our Complete Guide to Short-Form Video Course, Nate breaks down how he passed both the FINRA and DORA examinations with flying colors, all while posting short-form videos.

If you’re a financial advisor or planner looking to strengthen trust with your current client base, and want to build a brand strong enough to passively generate new client meetings with little-to-no marketing spend, this course can help you skip the learning curve and get ahead of your competition.


Nick & Nate have a combined experience of over half a decade creating
short-form, finance-related videos that people actually want to watch, and will teach you the tricks of the trade starting from zero.

This education starts with an introductory video course you get access to immediately after signing up: it teaches you everything you need to know about getting started with short-form video, from ideation to posting, and gives exact examples of both Nick and Nate’s content creation process

The course has 3 main value propositions:

  1. It “onboards” you into the world of content creation by showing you how to ideate, script, record, and edit viral content in a systematic way.
  2. You get to work with two of the most successful CFP®s on social media who will give you tailored strategy advice that you won't find anywhere else.
  3. We understand advisor compliance better than any other content creators. We've designed this course to help you grow with short-form video while staying compliant every step of the way (though, to be clear, we're not a replacement for working with a compliance professional).

If you find the course isn't worth it, we'll give you your money back no questions asked before the first coaching call.

If you're interested in building your business by leveraging short-form video, it's a no-brainer to take this course.

Yes, professions from accountants to lawyers to real estate agents have been leveraging short-form video to grow their businesses for YEARS.

People are even selling private jets using short-form video!

While there are some financial advisors (like Nate) who've really taken advantage of this opportunity, most are still sitting on the sidelines.

Would you rather start now, when there's barely any competition, or in a year when the industry inevitably recognizes the value they're leaving on the table by NOT creating short-form video?

Yes, we're happy to continue to support your growth.

Exactly what this looks like varies from person-to-person, so we can discuss this with you individually on or after your final coaching call.

Yes! If you are interested in purchasing the Direct Coaching package for multiple advisors in your firm, we offer group discounts for 5, 10, and 20+ seats. 

Firm packages include a custom, firm-wide training session with Nate & Nick.

Contact us for more information.

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